Rental Criteria

Occupancy Policy

  1. Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a unit.  A bedroom is defined as a space within the premises that is used primarily for sleep, with at least one window and a closet for clothing.
  2. Two persons are allowed per bedroom 

General Requirements

  1. 2 forms of positive identification will be required, one of which must be a valid photo identification. 
  2. Each applicant will be required to qualify individually. 
  3. Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial of the application.
  4. Any applicant currently using illegal drugs or reporting a conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will be denied.   If approved for tenancy and later illegal drug use is confirmed, eviction shall result.
  5. Applicants must be able to enter a legal and binding contract. 
  6. Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, the complex, or the property of others will be denied. 
  7. A complete and accurate application with phone numbers and email addresses. Applications that are incomplete will be returned.

Income Requirements

  1. Monthly income must equal three (3) times the stated monthly rent.  If income does not equal three (3) times the stated monthly rent, a qualified co-signer will be required. 
  2. Three months of verifiable employment will be required. 
  3. A current paycheck stub from your employer will be required. 
  4. Verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to; bank accounts, alimony/child support, trust accounts, social security, unemployment, social security, welfare, grants or loans.)  You will be denied if you are unemployed and alternative source(s) of income cannot be verified.
  5. Self-employed applicants or employees that receive more than 25% of their income from commissions, will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous years tax returns.  Self-employed applicants: A recorded business name or Corporate filing will be sufficient to meet employment requirements. Self-employment will be verified through the state. 
  6. If income does not equal three (3) times the stated monthly rent, then one (1) or more of the following will be required: A security deposit equal to one and one-half (1.5) times the rent, a qualified room-mate and/or a co-signer. 
  7. If your source of income cannot be verified, you will be denied. 

Co-signer Requirements

  1. Home ownership is preferred, but will consider a co-signer with long-standing positive rental history. 
  2. Very good established credit will be required. 
  3. Must have gross income of at least five (5) times the rental amount and must provide prove of income. (i.e. paystubs, bank statements, tax returns etc.) 

Credit Requirements

  1. You must have an active checking account. 
  2. Bankruptcies discharged within one (1) year from the date of application will be denied. You must have maintained or established two (2) lines of credit since the bankruptcy. Outstanding bad debt exceeding $150.00 on a credit bureau (i.e., collections, slow pay, repossessions, liens, judgments and wage garnishment programs) will require a security deposit equal to one and one-half (1 ½) times the rent. 
  3. Three or more unpaid collections (not medically related) will result in denial.
  4. Utility collections and phone bill collections will result in denial. 
  5. Your credit report must contain no derogatory rental information and you must not have a judgment or collection account from a former landlord within the preceding five (5) years whether paid or unpaid. 
  6. Negative or adverse debt showing on consumer credit report may require additional security deposits

Rental Requirements

  1. You must have a minimum of two (2) years of verifiable rental history from a third party landlord, for a single family home rental.  One (1) year verifiable rental history is required for apartments and plexes. The verifiable rental history must be current within the last year, or you must be able to show verifiable home ownership within the last year. 
  2. Three years of eviction-free history is required.  Eviction actions that were dismissed or resulted in a judgment for the applicant will not be considered.
  3. Three or more 72-hour notices within one year will result in denial of the application.
  4. Three or more dishonored checks within one year will result in denial of the application.
  5. Rental history reflecting past due and unpaid rent will result in denial of the application.
  6. You must not have had more than two (2) late rent payments in the last year and no rent payment may have been more than 15 days late. 
  7. You must have met all of the terms of your prior lease and any past due rent or outstanding balance will result in a denial.  A security deposit equal to one and one-half (1 ½) times the rent will be accepted when past due rent is paid and no additional negative information has been recorded. 

Pet Policy

  1. Not all of our properties allow pets.  If the property you are applying for allows pets, an increased security deposit will be required per pet. There is also a monthly per pet fee, unless otherwise stated. 
  2. Certain breeds of dogs are not accepted. (Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepard's etc.) 

Smoking Policy

  1. Smoking is not allowed in any of our units 
  2. Smoking in the units is prohibited by anyone including friends, family, neighbors and is grounds for eviction. 

Renter's Insurance

  1. Renter's Liability Insurance with a minimum insurance amount of $100,000 is required on all our rentals